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Incorporating white into your new kitchen design

Kitchen fads come and go; remember the days when harvest gold or avocado was the in thing? When you are ready to undertake the installation of a new kitchen one of the more important things that you will want to take into account is enduring value, the last thing you want is to see all the money that you spent on your new kitchen literally “go down the drain” in a couple of years because you went with a trendy colour or design concept.

White has and always will stand the test of time. White gloss kitchen cabinets and kitchen designs are clean, fresh and classic. White reflects light, it can make a small space seem bigger, it should come as no surprise that all white kitchens are as popular today as they were in the 20s when white was the only colour available.

Let’s have a quick look at a few ways that white can be incorporated into your dream kitchen.

The cabinets: It is hard to understand how white gloss kitchen cabinets and kitchen designs could get any more popular that they are but white cabinets go from strength to strength amongst interior designers and homeowners. Year in and year out white cabinets are at the top of the list as the favourite colour, white is a colour that refuses to be budged from its top spot. This is very good news as a home with an all white kitchen holds its resale value very well.

Countertops: Layering white on white can only help to enhance the timeless white look, white gloss kitchen cabinets with a white countertop coupled with a white backsplash is elegant as well as easy to maintain. When you have elected to go with all white, dirt literally has no place to hide, cleaning is a snap. White marble has been used since the beginning of time for work surfaces but today many people are opting for manufactured quartz as an alternative as they are not porous nor do the stain or scratch easily.

Walls: White is white is white; right? Wrong! Painting the walls in your kitchen is a quick and easy way to tie everything together, but what white? It’s hard to believe but there are many different shades of white. A hint that might make bringing an all white kitchen together is to get a pint sample of the variations you are considering, paint a piece of foam board and hold it up against your white gloss kitchen cabinets, do this at a couple of different times during the day to see how it compliments your kitchen designs.

White gloss kitchen cabinets and kitchen designs are timeless, the no frills concept is pleasing to the eye, takes to colourful accent pieces beautifully and easy to maintain. You are invited to talk to the designers at ZESTA Kitchens in Melbourne.

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