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Alloy Wheel Repair Can Save Your Wheels Today!

Alloy wheels can be considered an upgrade for most vehicles and will make them look better and provide more functionality and drivability. They’ve always been popular with consumers, and now manufacturers have realised that specialty alloy wheels can be used initially to create more interest in a vehicle. If your car already has these wheel options, you’re lucky and should relish your good fortune.

However, over time, the wheel can become damaged or otherwise need repairs. Most people believe that repairs aren’t possible on these wheels, or may think they won’t be as good as they were before. However, they can usually be fixed, especially when you choose a professional such as Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart.

Common Problems

The three most common problems associated with alloy wheels include cracks, radial run out and lateral run out. It may look bad, but it can also affect the performance of the tyres and vehicle.

With a radial run out, the tyre is not balanced appropriately, which means the tyre can move up and down when rotating. Lateral run out also affects balance, but across the width. It’s harder to detect, but can easily be tested with a balance test.

Repair Options

In most cases, cracks can quickly be repaired, unless they are exceptionally large or in an odd spot. The professional you choose will be able to determine if a repair is possible or if you should get a replacement.

Non-forged wheels are easier to repair because of their solidity. Two or three piece wheels can cause more damage when repaired because they may be made from softer materials.

The repair job usually takes three to five hours, depending on the damages. It’s always best to get in for repairs as soon as you can to avoid more damage and potential risk of an accident.

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