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Frame Your Brand Image with Creative Graphic Designing

Creative graphic design is about more than just choosing colours or designing a logo. It is about finding an identity, and expressing that identity through emotive images that say what words sometimes cannot.
There are five characteristics that designers can use to frame your brand image:


Simplicity in creative design means creating a design that is easy to look at, but provides meaning and depth when the viewer takes a moment to think about the design. This is the characteristic that makes the design palatable, and draws the customer in.


Timelessness is exhibited when designers create images that do not rely heavily on trends, but can also be carefully updated to reflect the modern era. Think about the way that Coca Cola has used its imaging over the past century. Although a lot has change, Coca Cola’s design is timeless.


Versatility is a function of good design because it means your brand looks good in a variety of settings, and it stands up to the tests of integrated marketing. A versatile design can be applied to changing platforms, and take your brand with it.


The appropriateness of a design keeps your brand fresh and relevant with your target audience. Your brand needs to strike your customer before it can even consider being memorable.


All that work should not be for naught, and ultimately, you want to find a design that creatively combines simplicity, timelessness, versatility and appropriateness into something that a customer will not just remember, but will automatically associate with your brand.

Each of these characteristics found in design are also important for your brand image. A simple and versatile brand, that is appropriate for your audience, and is both timeless and memorable are the brands that win today and tomorrow.

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