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Pest Management – Prevention and Control for House Rodents

Do you have a pest problem in your household? Sometimes, these issues can go unnoticed but unless you take action by contacting a pest management company, the issue could worsen and potentially, structural damage may occur. Furthermore, insect and rodent invasions can cause a health hazard, proving the importance of prevention and control. Before you get in contact with a company that offers pest control services like RIP Pest Control, focus on the main ways in which you can stop uninvited guests from making themselves comfortable in your home.

Crop Rotation

If the pest problem is occurring on the grounds that surround your property, such as on farmland or on an allotment, you could tackle the issue with crop rotation. Crop rotation methods are a natural alternative to using chemical pesticides, which have the potential to damage a human’s nervous system, not to mention the endocrine system and reproductive system. This systematic approach will prevent diseases and pests from affecting the soil.

Using Organic Pesticides

Anyone who works in the organic agriculture industry will know that organic pesticides are an effective form of pest management. Household detergents are a popular choice, as is talcum powder, sulfur sprays and rhubarb leaves. It is even possible to prevent and control house rodents with natural ingredients like garlic, onions and tomato leaves. However, it is advisable to use these techniques after an exterminator has professionally dealt with the problem.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Don’t want to harm the environment when trying to keep pests at bay? If so, non-toxic liquids could be the answer. Environmentally friendly options that you could try as a way of ridding the home of rodents include peppermint, vinegar, soapy water or even a portion of borax. If you are not quite sure which non-toxic ingredients to use, get in contact with an exterminator who can first examine the premises and provide their input.

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