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What A Professional Web Designer Should Do For You

When considering a web designer for your website, you may feel overwhelmed with all the choices available to you. It’s important to choose the right one because you need someone who cares about your success, won’t scam you and knows what they’re doing. It’s important not only to know what to ask potential professionals but what the right answer should be.

Differences Between Developer, Implementer, Designer

A web designer creates the feel and look of your site and works with you to choose colours, construct logos/brands, help you pick a layout and more. Web developers use the designer’s mock-up site to build a website that’s functional. They can also help add functionality to existing sites. Implementers usually fall in between both developers and designers and may be able to do both jobs equally well. Tyranny Web Design & SEO is just one example of an implementer and their abilities.

An Example

If you want to get your pet grooming business off the ground, you’ll want a spot to tell others what your business does, schedule appointments, sign up for the mailing list and a contact page. This can be done by a designer, but can also be done by an implementer or developer.

However, if you already have a pet-grooming business, but want to sell products relating to pets and grooming, you’ll need a payment gateway, SSL and e-commerce options, inventory management, advanced scheduling options, various levels of access and more. Your project is now more complicated, and while a designer alone may be able to help, you may need someone who can develop or implement, as well.

A professional web designer should be able to create a website for you and offer other related services. Visit Tyranny Web Design & SEO now to find out more about how they can help.

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