Flammable Cabinets: Facts to Consider

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

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Many industries use flammable and combustible liquids while at work. Whether you use them to maintain equipment, clean equipment, or manufacture your products, they must be kept safe when they’re not being used. Flammable cabinets are the perfect solution because they keep them contained and away from other liquids.

Up to 15,000 fires are started by combustibles each year, and these fires can cause casualties, injuries, and property damages. They are colour-coded and usually come in bright yellow, which makes them highly noticeable no matter where they’re placed in the worksite.

Flammable cabinets must come with the appropriate warning labels, such as the fire sign in red with flammable liquids printed. It should also have no smoking warnings. Many times, manufacturers of these cabinets include the warning labels or send them along so that you can put them on when it arrives. You can also find a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

If you only work with a few flammables, you may need a smaller cabinet. If you work with a variety, each product should go into its own cabinet. Therefore, you may need to purchase multiple cabinets to ensure that you’re compliant with government rules and keep your employees safe.

At EcoSpill, they focus on providing you with the best safety equipment for your workplace. Their cabinet options feature fully-welded construction and steel double walls. The doors are self-closing and latch automatically, which means your employees don’t have to worry about ensuring that the door is closed before moving away from the storage area. Along with such, they have adjustable shelves so that you can move it around to keep things organised. Flammable cabinets are a requirement for many industries and should be AS1940-2004 compliant to ensure that they are appropriate for use in Australian businesses.

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