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Greening Up The City With Living Walls And Vertical Gardens!

Many people wonder what the Babylonian hanging gardens were like, as they were one of the seven ancient world wonders. They were likely truly spectacular and weren’t your run-of-the-mill window-box full of cheap marigolds. Many urban gardeners have become inspired to recreate the hanging gardens of the past with various new technology. You can now have a garden covering a vertical surface, including a wall. These living walls can take away the drabness of concrete and plainness, all while providing lush green plants that can liven up the place.

Big Or Small

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small space, as anyone can have living walls in their home or office. Some can be as tall as a four-story building while others are small enough to fit on your home’s wall. Whether you want a “living painting” or want to grow herbs and other foodstuffs, you can achieve almost any look and style of your imagination.

Now Modern

The idea of vertical gardens and living walls have been around for centuries, but they haven’t been hugely popular in modern times until recently. With space an invaluable commodity and companies like VertiScape, almost anyone, anywhere can have a beautiful, lush garden in their home.


While the main advantage is that you’ve got a beautiful landscape full of greenery, there are many other reasons to consider such an option. For one, you’ll get air purification from all the pollutants and may even notice that the city noise is absorbed slightly. Plus, you may be able to relax and get calm faster, as well as reduce your stress and improve your mood.

You may also notice that it’s easier to concentrate on challenging tasks because you’re in a more serene space, able to relax and focus more quickly.

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