How To Care For Your Home’s Window Tints

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Construction & Contractors

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Window tints, or films, can be installed onto the windows of your home to make them look better, save energy, prevent intruders, provide privacy and reduce television/computer screen glare. Because of their many benefits, more and more homeowners choose them from South Coast Window Tinting. However, once they’re in place and installed professionally, what do you have to do to keep them looking new? Most people haven’t a clue or may forget to do it, which could shorten the lifespan of the product.

Don’t Touch

Once they’re installed, it’s best if you leave them alone for a few days to a week. This way, they’ll adhere to the window and almost become part of it. If you start touching it or rubbing the tints, you run the risk of causing bubbles or removing it from the window.

Clean Them

It’s best to clean your home’s window tints after four to five weeks of use. While you may not touch them or use them in any way, it’s still important to clean them like you would a window so you can see out of it and get the most benefit.

Soap and water work best to clean your tints. While you can find commercial products designed for window tinting, make sure they aren’t ammonia-based products because it could cause damage.

Likewise, you should consider using a soft cloth or other materials to clean instead of using rough rags or scrubbers.

Extending Their Life

When properly cared for, window tints can last up to 15 years. To do so, make sure you don’t place stickers or adhesives on the tinting, nor should you use suction cups directly on the tints. You may also want to be careful not to scratch the tinting or else it won’t do its job properly.

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