Window Cleaning Squeegees: Why Consider Them

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Cleaning

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Window cleaning squeegees seem to have gotten a bad reputation over the years. Most people think that such a simple tool can’t possibly do the best job, but they are wrong. These tools are designed with a handle (long or short) and a rubber blade at one end. The blade is usually long so that the user can clean a wider area of the window at once, though the size can vary by manufacturer. Some squeegees also have a sponge on the opposite side of the blade to catch excess water so that it makes clean-up a little easier. Again, this varies based on manufacturer.

Window cleaning squeegees are simplistic in design, but that is what makes them the best tools for the job. In most cases, a cleaning solution or soap/water are used to soften the dirt and grime, which makes it easier to clean off the window. You can find cleaning solutions designed for use with squeegees or you can create your own. It’s easy to use, and many squeegees have swivelling heads and other features to make it even easier. That way, you can use your wrist less often and still get the swivel technique that professionals use.

At World Wide Window Cleaning Supplies, they know how challenging it is to own a window-cleaning business. You want to be a professional, which ultimately means that you need to use professional-grade tools and products. It can be tough to know what to pick because there are many manufacturers, but they have all the products and options you need. You can read their FAQs, find out about products and industry news, or talk to them about your needs, ensuring that you have many options. When focused on window cleaning squeegees, you have many available, making it easy to choose something that fits your needs.

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