Effective Methods For Termite Control To Ensure Your Building Is Termite Proof

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Business

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Termites are part of the isopteran insect family, and there are approximately 1,800 subspecies of these ancient order of insects. They feed on the glucose found in wood, especially dead wood because they use it for energy. They are dangerous for homes and businesses because they can cause severe damage and structural problems if not eradicated quickly.

They’re considered one of the most vital insects on the planet, and destroy wooden materials whenever possible. When found in wooden structures, they need to be treated by a professional, such as Pink Pest Services, to ensure that they are completely removed and to guard against more damage. Effective control methods for termites can include a variety of methods, including freezing, heat, insecticides and more.


If there is a very small area that is infested, freezing can be an effective treatment option. Liquid nitrogen is used to treat the areas in question, which may include nests. It works extremely well at the early stages of an infestation, but less so after the termites get a firm hold on the wood.


Another efficient control option is the use of heat. Hot air is blown into the exterior and interior walls, heating them beyond the tolerable level of termites, who require a very specific temperature to survive. The heat will not damage your structure, making it an excellent solution for many homes and businesses.


Pesticides and insecticides can also be used, and are highly at controlling termite infestations when properly employed. These targeted chemicals are directly shot into the ground, soil or diseased wood through various holes. The holes are then sealed so that termites cannot escape through them. These targeted chemicals are used sparingly, so as to preserve the health of the ecosystem around your home.


Dry wood termites can be removed through fumigation. However, it is a more expensive process and involves tenting the building. Therefore, all residents must be removed so that gas can be pumped into the wood to eliminate the insects and eggs.

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