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Proper Maintenance to Ensure the Longevity of Your Tyres

You may not think about your tyres all that much, but unless you pay attention to the condition of them, you could find yourself breaking down unexpectedly! Tyres should be maintained often to ensure they do not become worn, which can happen as a result of poor driving habits and general wear and tear. Not only could your safety be affected if you don’t stay on top of maintenance but also, you could end up spending more money putting fuel in the vehicle. How, you ask? Well, the condition of your tyres will affect the overall performance of your car or 4×4, which is why maintenance is essential. A car garage can help with this, but there are also a few things you can do to keep the motor in tip-top condition.

Rotating the Tyres

Tyre rotation services will be offered at most automotive repair workshops. However, by using the Internet as a guide or referring to the manufacturer’s manual that came with your vehicle, it is possible to do this yourself. Think about it – if you don’t rotate the tyres, the same section of rubber will be exposed to road surfaces over and over again. As a result, the tyre sidewall will crack, bulge or split. Rotating the tyres (even slightly) could extend their life and save you money on replacements.

Checking the Air Pressure

How does your car feel when you turn corners, pull off and break? If you have noticed that the handling is beginning to change or if you feel less in control of the vehicle than you used to, the tyres might be lacking air. Visit a fuel station and use the air pressure machines to check how much air is in the tyres. Be careful not to overinflate and be sure to monitor air pressure regularly to rule out the chances of a slow puncture. When the air pressure is wrong, the vehicle will have to work harder to move, so you can just imagine how much fuel you will waste if you don’t maintain the tyres.

Assessing the Tread Depth

Tread depth indicator tools can be purchased online or at many stores. You might even already own one if it came with the vehicle when you bought it! Use it to assess the tread depth and if it is below the legal limit, pay to get new tyres fitted. You could be slammed with a fine if the tread depth is not adequate and you might also be at risk of skidding, particularly in poor weather conditions.

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