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Frameless Shower Screens – Attractive Shower Screens for Your Bathrooms

The ultimate sophisticated statement for bathrooms, frameless shower screens offer a host of benefits for any homeowner. Appealing to the eye and simple to maintain, a shower screen can be customised to suit your preferences. It’s not just the style factor that makes these screens a good choice but also, the fact that they will help you to keep the space clean. Mould and mildew is much less likely to grow on glass than it would on shower curtains, therefore you won’t need to make sure they are clean as often as you might with another material. If you are thinking about getting frameless screens fitted, it is wise to discover a bit more about why they are thought to be such an attractive home improvement.

The Illusion of Openness

Even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to look bigger once frameless shower screens have been fitted by an expert. In fact, a lot of interior designers are now choosing to install frameless shower screens as a way of creating the illusion of spaciousness in a small bathroom. No frame means that installation is very simple and the sleek appeal of the bathroom will ultimately increase property value. The fact that the glass is transparent means that tiles will not be disguised, nor will stone walls, if you have them.

Match With Other Metal Details

You don’t have to change the entire interior design of your bathroom to make sure they look good with the frameless shower screens, because they can match with existing details if you initially speak with the fitter about your requirements. Customised projects can be completed, so if you have metal details in the bathroom (such as the shower rail or the sink and bath faucets), it will also be simple to pick out shower screens that have a full or semi-metal frame.

Added Element of Privacy

Frameless shower screens don’t just open up a small space – they can also be used to designate different zones and create a private space for those who are concerned about privacy. For example, if the glass is frosted or has a pattern on it, you can take a shower without worrying that anyone else in the bathroom is able to see you. Shower screens can be manufactured with thin or thick glass and whatever option you choose, you can rest assured that the glass will have been treated and tested for safety.

Geelong Security Doors and Shower Screens can fit affordable frameless shower screens. Call the Grovedale or Ocean Drive offices on (03) 5245 8228 or (03) 5256 2985 for a quote.

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