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What You Should Know About Your Kitchen Designers In Melbourne

When considering kitchen designers in Melbourne, there are many things to ask and decide upon before making a final decision. Companies like Zesta Kitchens can answer any questions or concerns you may have, to help you decide what is right and who to choose.


Most contractors give you a bottom-line price and include everything that will be needed, including supplies and labour. While that can be helpful when comparison shopping, it may be best to ask for an itemised bid, which lists each item and price separately. You’ll know exactly what’s going to happen and how much it will cost. Itemisation can give you more information, such as the cost of hauling away trash and demolition needs, framing, plumbing, electrical work, tiling, light fixtures, painting, drywall and more.

Likewise, you can cut project costs more quickly when necessary.

Estimate Or Fixed

Bids can come in multiple varieties. While the contractor isn’t likely to try and stiff you, it’s important to know whether the bid is an estimate or fixed price. Estimates work well for those who have a larger budget because if something else is needed, they can still afford it. However, a fixed bid is essential for those on a strict budget. Some contractors in Melbourne will not offer fixed bids, especially for jobs where there are multiple unknowns.


You may also want to ask the kitchen designers who they use to supply the materials. In most cases, the contractor won’t have their own line of materials and will use others to get the items necessary for the job. It can be helpful to know more about these suppliers to ensure that the contractor uses high-quality items and is reliable.


It can also be helpful to ask how long the kitchen designer has been in business and how many kitchen renovations they do each year.

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