A Serviced Office is a Suitable Choice for Every Business

by | May 4, 2016 | Business

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Do you like to know how much money you are spending on running your business each month? If so, keep a close eye on your outgoings by opting for a serviced office. A space of this kind will benefit your company in many ways and it is considered a worthy investment, due to the fact it is a pay-as-you-use space. Available with long or short-term lease agreements, serviced offices are being snapped up by firms in every niche. Let’s find out a bit more about this flexible option before you choose it to run your regional branch or head office from.

What Makes a Serviced Office Better Than a Conventional Office?

There are many benefits associated with a serviced office, such as the fact that the leasing terms are flexible. If you feel that you only require the office to keep things running smoothly whilst you are changing location or expanding operations, short term leases are available. What’s more, the price of these offices includes Internet, furniture and catering facilities. Administrative support, telecom services and essential utilities will also be thrown into the rental fee.

Configurations and Freedom to Suit Your Business Needs

A serviced office, also known as an executive suite or managed office, can be configured to suit the needs of the business owner. If necessary, the rental fee can include the services of a receptionist, support staff and a maintenance team. This is perhaps the reason why serviced offices appeal to such a diverse list of client types, such as new businesses, expanding businesses, clients that are dealing with a specific project and interim clients, among many others. The level of freedom this office space offers when compared to a typical office is much better, considering the fact that the lease can be cut short if the tenant wishes

A serviced office will make expanding your business much easier, so why not let Corporate House impress you with their furnished spaces? Call  to learn more.

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