Choosing The Right Marquee For The Next Event Or Function

by | May 2, 2016 | Business

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The Australian outdoors is the perfect place to hold any event or party because it seems that the weather is always excellent almost any time of the year. Therefore, many people enjoy holding events and functions outside instead of paying more for an indoor venue. However, the weather is still fickle, and you may decide to offer some protection from the elements, whether it starts to rain or is too hot and sunny. A marquee is the best way to provide shelter to guests for outdoor events. They are quickly set up and portable, so they can be placed almost anywhere. They come in a variety of sizes so that any event can be covered. It can sometimes be confusing as to who to choose marquees, but a few tips can help.

Size Estimation

While you aren’t required to know the exact size, it can help you determine costs, so an estimate may help. To get a proper estimate, you’ll need to decide what is going to be under the marquee. For example, if you’re just using it as a place for guests to pop under in case of foul weather, it may not need to be as big. However, if you’re planning on using it as part of the party, such as serving food and allowing guests to sit and enjoy their meal, you’ll need a bigger one.

Most professionals agree that at least 1.3 metres should be provided per person. All you have to do is determine how many guests will be there and multiply that number by 1.3 to determine the size. However, if equipment and furniture will be inside the marquee, you will need more space.

If nothing else, you can contact the marquee hire company and ask them what they recommend for the amount of people and items that will be underneath.

Early Booking

No one likes waiting until the last minute, so it’s best to plan early and book the marquee hire as soon as possible. Because they’re more popular now than ever, they are in high demand, which could mean there’s a shortage during holidays, summer months and weekends.


It’s important to ensure that the company you choose offers high-quality items made with superb materials. Therefore, you should ask to see some of their products to determine that there are no leaks or holes that could cause problems in the rain.

Choosing the right marquee doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit Harts Party Hire now to use their marquee quoter tool now.

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