Vergola And Other Louvre Roof Systems

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Screen Store

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Vergola is a name-brand of louvre roofing systems. The louvres or slats open and close completely, similarly to plantation shutters and other shutter systems. The difference is that they are above your head and work as a roof for patios and other spaces outside that you’d like to protect from rain and sunshine.

You can control them, closing them fully or partially, or letting them stand open to let in the most light and air. They’re developed specifically for the Australian weather, which means they are going to withstand harsh winds, blazing sunshine, and much more.

Vergola roofing systems are an excellent choice, but many companies offer similar systems at comparable prices. It can be tough to find an authorised dealer of their products, and it’s unwise to install it yourself. Therefore, you may want to go with a competitor who may offer better colour options (both standard and customisable), various roofing configurations to fit your patio and needs, and much more. These slatted roofs also work well for other configurations, such as a top over a pool, cover to the garage, and much more. The options are limitless because you can always find ways to create the look or style you desire.

At SP Screens, they know how frustrating it is to go outside to read, cook, or chat with friends only to have the weather impede your goals. It’s annoying to step outside to relax in any capacity and be bothered by intense sunshine or light rain, but with their Vergola-style roofing systems, you don’t have to worry about it. You can control the shade, the environment, how much light you get, and much more. Plus, it can all be done with the touch of a button. Their electronically-controlled roofing systems ensure the ability to control many aspects of nature so that you can fully enjoy it.

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